[News]Appointed as a model company by MOCIE(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

.Appointed as a model company by MOCIE(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

First Express International is appointed as a forwarding model company by the Korea Government (Dec. 21.2001). It means that First Express Int'l will develop the proper program for each department such as management, sales and accounting.
Therefore, First Express Int'l will promise to provide the upgraded good services and programs to customers than before.

[News] Mission completed:FEI delivered a satellite flawlessly

The following is a translation of an article originally published in Korea Logistics News on Oct. 6, 1999.

First Express Int’l successfully completed the moving service of Arirang I artificial satellite,
to be launched in mid-November, 1999.
The satellite was made in Daeduck,
Korea and is to be launched in the Vandenberg Airforce Base in Northern California.
FEI reports that it safely moved the main and launching parts of the Arirang I artificial satellite to the launching place in three times from Daeduck Research Center in Korea without any trouble.
FEI says, “We have paid special attention to the satellite since it is a part of Korea National Space Program; we used a special vehicle to absorb shocks to the satellite during the transportation process. The satellite is extremely venerable to any shocks. We also made special pallets for the loading in an airplane.” The vehicle with the satellite loaded exceeds the height limit on express ways, so FEI examined over eight different possible routes to the Kimpo airport to find an optimal one. FEI also studied traffic flows during the days and nights in order to be on time for airplane departure. Additionally, FEI did its best to provide best service; it asked police protect and hired private escort vehicles to keep away other cars on road. In Los Angeles, California, the same attention was paid to safely move the satellite to the launching place. The Arirang I satellite cost about 2 hundred million U.S. Dollors during the last 5 years.
The satellite is to be launched on Nov. 19, 1999 on an Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Taurus launching rocket.

*Daeduck:Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Note: Visit http://www.kari.re.kr/multimedia/launch991221.html for more details on the satellite. You can also see a picture of Seoul, taken by the satellite at http://kompsat.kari.re.kr/webdata/pds_image_kor/seoul.jpg.
The satellite actually was lifted off at 16:13 p.m.(KST) December 21, 1999.

[News] The middleweight transportation of Power Station supply construction

The following is a translation of an article originally published in The Shipping Today on June, 8 ,2001.

The middleweight transportation of Power Station supply construction.

First Express International has drawn attentions from the other companies as making accomplishments completely such as the huge project middleweight transportations. The goods volumes reached to 190 tons in weight, 25 meter in length per each. they got to 20,000 tons totally. They were moved safely from Korea to Israel.
First Express International officials said that the reason that we could make a success completely was because we had the long-term experienced know-how and skill, trained during about 30 years.



[News] The warehouse at the Inchon International Airport

ㆍIncheon Airport Warehouse
  • Completely safe licensed Customs-Bonded warehouse

  • Only authorized people by customs authority can enter this warehouse

  • Shared facilities with a courier company called DHL

  • Control all shipments by one computer-network with Customs House

  • Faster service for handling by our own staffs in warehouse


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